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Clintonville dessert shop reopens after extended hiatus

Clintonville dessert shop reopens after extended hiatus

Jack McLaughlin

It was a long winter without Libby Lou’s Fun Factory, but the Clintonville confectioner officially reopened for business on March 18.

Libby Lou’s closed its storefront for the winter season, meaning this is the first time patrons can visit since late December.

The spot for wild and indulgent treats like extreme milkshakes, funnel cake fries and even cotton-candy wrapped dessert burritos is located at 3039 Indianola Ave. in Clintonville.


Libby Lou’s held a free ice cream cone day to commemorate the beginning of the spring season on March 20, and has also introduced several new menu items for the season, including the Black & White sundae, which features Heavenly Hazelnut and Marshmallow Overload ice cream with chocolate and vanilla Oreos, chocolate syrup and marshmallow cream.

The Clintonville spot is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 12-6 p.m. Libby Lou’s is closed on Monday.

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