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Dear 614

Dear 614


Welcome to “Dear (614)”! Have a question about college chaos, love life insanities, or navigating the world after graduation? Send ’em our way here, and we’ll dish out some unfiltered, possibly ludicrous advice that’ll make you laugh, cringe, or wonder why you even asked.

Do something you like… but what do I like
– 😮‍💨

Ah, the age-old question. I’m not sure what you specifically like, but here’s how I found out what I like. First, I took a lot of tests to see which career would fit me best. I had zero interest in any of the results. Next, I took my favorite hobby and set out to see how I could apply it in the real world.

Which is the better dating app to meet people in Columbus/at OSU, Tinder or Hinge?
– Gwen

Are you looking actually looking for a relationship? If so, Hinge is the way to go. If you’re looking for anything else… Tinder. Trust me on this.

How do I know if I want to move in with my girlfriend after graduation?
– Tony

This is tough because you hardly gave me enough details, Tony! How long have you two been together? How often do you see each other? Are you guys graduating at the same time, or will she still be in school? I guess since I don’t know those answers you will have to make do with this: you already know the answer to this question or you wouldn’t be asking it. Then again, a friend of mine just moved in with her boyfriend of 4 years, and after 2 months of living together, he cheated on her. Best of luck to you, though! Let me know what you decide.

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