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Take a look at five of the most exciting new University District restaurants

Take a look at five of the most exciting new University District restaurants

Jack McLaughlin

Columbus is a food city, and that label doesn’t stop once you hit Ohio State Campus, either. Since trying to keep up with all the local food news can feel like a losing battle unless you’re vigilant, we’ve distilled things down to focus on some of the best recently-opened eateries in proximity to OSU campus.

So whether you have a new date you’re looking to impress, or you want to drown your sorrows in good food since you don’t have a new date you’re looking to impress, we’ve got you covered.

Cocky’s Bagels

While it might be a physically impossible for a bagel sandwich to be bad, this beloved Ohio bagel shop does them the right way. The fast-growing Cleveland concept opened its first-ever Columbus storefront earlier this year, and we’re sure glad they did.

Sexton’s Pizza 

If you want to show off by sliding into one of the hottest pizzerias in Columbus, Sexton’s is one of the spots you want to be. This one is located a bit outside of campus proper, but they ddi receive an 8.1 from Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Pizza Reviews, so that pretty much evens things out.



I mean, yeah, it’s nice to be impressive when we want, but sometimes we just want a burger. For when–not if–this type of hunger strikes you, the second central Ohio location of the popular Colorado-based burger chain will hit the spot.

Slammy’s on High

Because there’s no such thing as too much pizza, check out Slammy’s thin and crispy Columbus-style pies. A sister concept to Slammer’s, Ohio’s oldest gay bar, the new campus spot is billed an LGBTQI-owned concept that’s a safe space for all. Did we mention they have great drinks as well?

Frenchi’s Deli

Massive cheesesteaks, gyros, pastrami sandwiches and more. Frenchi’s Deli offers a no-frills spot when you want a really good sandwich that’s also really big. Owned by Djamal “Frenchi” Aboudou, Frenchi’s began as a sandwich shop serving college students in Pittsburgh before opening its second storefront, located on the north side of OSU campus earlier this year.

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