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What’s your major say about you? Here are some common OSU major stereotypes

What’s your major say about you? Here are some common OSU major stereotypes

Kat Gallaugher

What’s your major? Is the question that haunts the lives of OSU college students, probably because what you choose as a major can say a lot about who you are, or so people think. Your answer can immediately pique or lose someone’s interest, too. What does this all mean? Why does your major say so much about you? And does it actually represent who you are, or are these all just artificial stereotypes?

Either way, here’s is a list of common stereotypes for a few popular majors at OSU:

If you’re an English major, you’re definitely a bit of a book worm which can lead people to believe you spend all your time hiding in The Grand Reading Room at Thompson, devouring every book in sight. You’re probably an introvert and you love to express yourself through your writing. People assume you don’t plan on making a lot of money and that you have flighty interests, but they know you have a big heart. Bella Maxwell, an English major here, said, “Most English majors are in the queer community” and with a history of many legendary queer authors, like Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf, it’s no wonder this major would attract so many people who identify within the queer spectrum.


Biomedical Science
Well, sorry biomedical science engineers, but this “pretty much means you’re an academic try-hard who either has medical parents or are egotistical,” said current Biomed Science student, Mateo Zevallos. Harsh words, especially coming from a member of the medical community! On the other side of that spectrum though, is that Biomed Sci majors want to make a difference and are quite smart. They know that they can help others by taking a hands-on approach.

You’re probably an indecisive person if you choose pysch as your major. This major can allow its graduates to pursue numerous different paths, and you know that majoring in this field means you don’t necessarily have to choose a career right out of graduation. Psychology is the second most popular major at OSU and draws many different people, so you’re probably a social and friendly person who’s always giving their friends advice. You psychoanalyze everyone and some people watch out for you because of that, but at the end of the day, you’re probably in that field to help and better understand others.

A slew of negative impressions follow finance majors. When people find out
your major, they cringe, probably immediately stereotyping you as a “Finance Bro” –obsessed with stocks and making money, commonly seen wearing Polo shirts and khakis, and definitely part of a fraternity.

Environmental Science
You’re probably reading this on a hammock near mirror lake.  Environmental Science majors probably aren’t great at math or finances, and that’s okay, because you’re focused on saving the world and caring for the environment! You’re a little nerdy, but equally outdoorsy. You have a green thumb, you’re trading weekend parties for hiking instead, and your entire outfit is probably thrifted. 

At the end of the day, no matter what people think or say about your major, the most important and authentic thing is that you truly enjoy it.

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