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Columbus drag king to be featured on national TV show

Columbus drag king to be featured on national TV show

Jack McLaughlin

Local fans of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” will want to tune in when season 5 of “Camp Wanakiki” airs next month on OUTtv.

The show, a reality series with drag performers from across the country in a summer camp setting, will feature Columbus drag king Riley Poppyseed. On the show, each “camper” participates in a series of daytime camp-related activities plus evening talent shows, and are either offered a badge to remain on, or told to “take a hike” at the end of the day.

According to Poppyseed, he will be the first Black drag king to compete on a drag-related TV show.


“I’m excited to be the first Black Drag King on a television drag competition show, I’m excited to show my art to the world, I’m excited to represent Drag Kings, and I’m excited to relive some of the best memories I had on this show. I’m just a little nervous about my awkwardness on camera, but that’s okay,” Poppyseed told

Poppyseed initially sent a video audition to the show-makers, and was later invited to audition in person at last year’s Austin International Drag Festival.

Season 5 of the show has already been filmed. The first episode will air June 6 on OUTtv.

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