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This retail chain offering “treasure hunts” through massive mystery bins is coming to the Columbus area

This retail chain offering “treasure hunts” through massive mystery bins is coming to the Columbus area

Jack McLaughlin

If it’s bin a while since you’ve come across a really good retail deal, a unique new chain that’s opening its first-ever store in the Columbus area may be just what you’re after.

Where Ya Bin, a concept where customers dig through massive bins of overstocked goods sold at clearance-level prices, will open soon in Dublin. The storefront will be located at 6020 Sawmill Rd. It’s currently unclear exactly when it plans to open

The Where Ya Bin experience, which the chain describes as a “treasure hunt,” allows patrons to freely rummage through massive boxes of price-cut goods.


“Each week, we purchase truckloads of overstocked goods and customer returns from the largest online retailers across America! Each week we receive thousands of different items with an ‘everything must go’ pricing model,” a description of the concept from Where Ya Bin’s website reads.

Where Ya Bin purchases a wide variety of overstocked products, ranging from appliances and electronics to shoes. Each week on Friday, larger bins are restocked with a massive quantity of boxes. Smaller bins are also restocked on Saturday and Sunday. Because of this, the store’s pricing changes throughout the week. On Thursday, when restocking occurs, items are $14 each. Items cost $10 each on Saturday, $7 on Sunday, $5 on Monday, $3 on Tuesday, $1 on Wednesday and 25 cents on Thursday.

The brand does not take inventory of the products it buys, which means every week is different, and patrons never know what they might find. The chain’s North Canton store features photos of customer finds including power tools, compound bows, microphones, binoculars, digital cameras and much more.

Where Ya Bin operates six total locations, two of which are in Ohio. The Dublin store will be its first in the Columbus area.

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