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According to ‘Food & Wine,’ this Columbus bakery is one of the best in the country

According to ‘Food & Wine,’ this Columbus bakery is one of the best in the country

Jack McLaughlin

Among the many hidden gems stashed in the area of Bethel Road and Henderson Road along the northern border of Upper Arlington and Columbus, Belle’s Bread is likely one of the best, and a “Food & Wine” list of the country’s best bakeries agrees.

According to a “Food & Wine” story titled “The 100 best bakeries in America,” the unique Japanese bakery is one of the country’s best.

Belle’s Bread, which is located at 1168 Kenny Centre Mall among a host of other Japanese restaurants and marketplaces, notes both classical French and Japanese inspiration, offering everything from Japanese cheesecake, specialty melon rolls and croissants to milk bread, matcha soft serve and even Japanese sandwiches.


Here’s what “Food & Wine” had to say about the bakery:

Back in Before Times, when West Coasters were standing in line for hours to try Japanese-style cheesecake, instead of a gallon of milk and some hand soap at the supermarket, lucky dessert-havers in Ohio’s capital city had unfettered access to one of the finest examples of the genre this side of the Pacific — wonderfully light, but never too light, and packed with flavor. If you live nearby and are not in the habit of keeping their classic milk bread on your kitchen counter for casual, everyday use, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

The list did not rank the bakeries numerically.

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