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Columbus chicken chain highlighting Ohio veterans with hot sauce

Columbus chicken chain highlighting Ohio veterans with hot sauce

Jack McLaughlin

A Columbus fried chicken chain is finding a hot new way to show their patriotism. Literally.

After launching a rotating sauce-of-the-month program, the fast-growing spot OX-Bs has kicked off November by highlighting a sauce made by an Ohio veteran.

This month, Patriot Sauce, created by the veteran-owned Ohio Hot Sauce Co., will serve as OX-B’s sauce of the month. Billed as “good on everything,” Patriot Sauce offers a blend of cayenne pepper, onion, garlic and special seasonings that “packs some heat, but it won’t make your eyes water.”


The sauce recently took home second place in the International Flavor Awards for best mild sauce.

Not only is Patriot’s Sauce crafted by former Army Sergeant John Pedmore—who served 8 years in the Army—it’s also helping raise money for veterans

For the month of November, OX-B’s has partnered with the National Veterans Museum, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Proceeds from sales of Patriot’s Sauce (which can be purchased alongside a handful of other items) will be donated to the Museum.

Patriot’s Sauce is on sale at OX-B’s locations through the month of November while supplies last.

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