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Foodie Favorites: here’s a Downtown pizza guide by local food blogger 614feast

Foodie Favorites: here’s a Downtown pizza guide by local food blogger 614feast

Anthony O'Connell

In the heart of Ohio, Downtown Columbus is not just about its rich history and stunning
architecture; it’s also a melting pot for pizza partiers. With options ranging from traditional NY-style to the unique Connecticut pizza, and yes, even delicious vegan choices, Columbus’s downtown streets are bursting with flavors waiting to be explored. Let’s get to it!

Aracri Pizzeria
Location: 51 E Gay St, Columbus, OH
Highlight: Walk into the heart of NY in Downtown Columbus. Aracri Pizzeria offers authentic NY-style pizza. While they have a lot of fresh, delicious toppings, I prefer NY style cheese or pepperoni only.
Price: $11.00 (10″), $20.00 (16″)

Photo via Aracri’s Facebook

4th & State
Location: 152 E State St, Columbus, OH
Highlight: VEGAN food lovers! 4th & State offers an innovative vegan pizza called the Nashville Hot Chick’n. Its tasty mix of vegan mozzarella, red onion, buffalo-tossed tempeh chick’n, topped with a ranch drizzle and pickles.
Price: $12.00 (6.5″), $25.00 (13″)

Photo via 4th and State’s Facebook


Taft’s Brewporium
Location: 440 W Broad St, Columbus, OH
Highlight: Experience a slice of Connecticut right here in Columbus with Taft’s Brewporium. Their Connecticut-style pizza, named The Original Tomato, boasts imported crushed Italian tomatoes, savory pecorino, garlic, and a drizzle of evoo. It’s a must-try for anyone seeking an authentic pizza experience.
Price: $12.00 (10″), $16.50 (16″)

Photo via Taft Emporium’s Facebook

OH Pizza and Brew
Location: 88 E Broad St, Columbus, OH
Highlight: When those late-night cravings strike, OH Pizza and Brew has you covered till 2am. Their signature Founder Pizza has pizza sauce, pepperoni, sausage, mild peppers, wild mushrooms, and mozzarella, which is the epitome of comfort food.
Price: $12.00 (10″), $18.00 (14″)

Photo via OH Pizza and Brew’s Facebook

Mikey’s Late Night Slice
Location: 268 S 4th Street
Highlight: For the night owls, if you find yourself wandering the streets even past 2am, Mikey’s is your spot. Feast on their Spicy Ass Pepperoni, a fiery blend of pepperoni, banana peppers, Sriracha, and red pepper flakes.
Price: $29.75 (whole pizza)

Photo via Mikey’s Facebook

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