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From steaks in a cave to burgers and bagels, here are the 10 new local restaurants you’ll want to try this month

From steaks in a cave to burgers and bagels, here are the 10 new local restaurants you’ll want to try this month

Jack McLaughlin

Since the Columbus food scene never stops spinning–if you blink, you’re liable to miss a closure or an exciting new opening—we’ve put together a list of some of the city’s nowt interesting new food concepts, in case you’re feeling adventurous, or just really hungry, sometime soon.


When Avishar Barua opens a restaurant, Columbus pays attention. Fresh off the heels of his smash-hit Worthington cafe, Joya’s, Barua’s new concept offers live-fire cooking from around the globe, all with the sensibilities of a Midwestern backyard barbeque.

Bottoms-Up Bagels

Starting this week, the Daily Bar in Italian Village will become the temporary home of an eatery that was recently voted to have the best bagels in all of Blatimore, Maryland. It’s unfortunately not a permanent storefront, but Bottoms-Up wil be operating its first-ever Columbus space until March 26.


A handful of years ago, while the chic Mansfield eatery Hudson & Essex was being built, contractors discovered a network of man-made limestone caverns located underneath it. So naturally, the owners of the property put a restaurant down there. If you’re looking for true,  multiple-course fine dining in a setting you literally may not believe with your eyes, Prohibition should get the green light (even if it’s a bit of a hike from Columbus).

Slammie’s on High

Even though Columbus lost a popular eatery when Aracri Pizzeria closed the doors of its campus-area eatery, we received another top-tier spot for Columbus-style pies in its place. The new eatery, a spinoff of Slammers, will opt for the same inclusive atmosphere, and the same great pizza recipe, as its Downtown counterpart.


FIIZ Drinks

While this interesting national chain will be lighter on the entrees–focusing mainly on drinks and culinary snacks–any central Ohio foodie should give this new soda bar a go. Donuts, soft pretzels, and more flavors of soda than you could possibly know what to do with? Count us in.


A long-standing Lancaster pizza concept is back in action. Tiberio’s Pizza–a Lancaster-area staple–had made a serious name of itself in central Ohio at the time it announced a closure last spring. Thankfully for us, a new ownership group from a handful of industry veterans has come aboard to re-open Tiberio’s.

The Rail

Did we mention craft beer and top-tier burgers? The Rail has finally opened the doors of its anticipated Grandview eatery (the original and only other location of The Rail is in Dublin), and you’re invited to grab a burger and a beer from this recently-opened Mike Marioa restaurant.

Quamari Yemeni Coffee Co.

Ornate Moroccan tea kettles and coffee drinks served with culinary spices: All of this and more is available at the first-ever Columbus franchise of Quamari Yemeni Coffee Co. Keep your eye out for their authentic Yemeni pastries as well.

bB.Q Chicken

Speaking of international concepts coming to Columbus, a host of veteran local restaurateurs has brought the first-ever bB.Q Chicken location to central Ohio. Serving up Korean-style fried chicken, Korean cocktails and soju, the Lane Avenue eatery should be on your shortlist.

Creole 2 Geaux

The first standalone restaurant space from one of the more popular Lousiana-inspired food concepts in Columbus, Creole 2 Geauax is bringing its Big Easy-inspired flavors without hesitation. Owner Janvier Ward has even teased the return of the concept’s popular Southern Brunch options that existed while it operated as a pop-up within the Blu Note Jazz Cafe.


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