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Longstanding Columbus pizzeria announces a pizza vending machine and robot-run restaurant

Longstanding Columbus pizzeria announces a pizza vending machine and robot-run restaurant

Sav McKee

A standalone pizza vending machine is deploying in Columbus, along with a plan to open a fully autonomous pizzeria with robots as the employees, in hopes to “tackle labour shortages, environmental sustainability and restaurant profitability – delivering the best quality food and value to consumers,” according to a press release.

Donatos Pizza, originally founded by Jim Grotes on Thurman Ave. in 1963, announced on July 13th that they’ve decided to debut a pizza vending machine with their “groundbreaking collaboration” with Appetronix (Appetite + Robots, known for their food prep robotics and savvy vending machines) in Donatos’ hometown of Columbus, Ohio.


They’re not just stopping there. A fully autonomous Donatos standalone restaurant concept was also announced in their press release, as well as the launch of small prep-bots for already existing restaurants. “The fully autonomous restaurant…will leverage state-of-the-art robotics and date science technologies, enabling a seamless and efficient dining experience for customers, from placing orders to receiving their pizza,” announced Donatos.

According to Donatos, “…advanced robotics will handle the pizza-making process with precision, ensuring consistent quality, faster service, increased order accuracy, and a seamless digital interaction. Additionally, data science solutions will enhance customer interactions, personalize recommendations, optimize inventory management, and improve operational efficiency with predictive machine maintenance.”

From AI drive-thrus to robot-run tunnels, this isn’t the first Columbus company to toy with the idea of AI incorporation.

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