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This new cow-themed cafe just mooooved into Franklinton

This new cow-themed cafe just mooooved into Franklinton

Jack McLaughlin

You’ve heard of milk in coffee, but how about cows in a coffee shop?

Maudine’s, alongside new rooftop bar The Brass Eye, has officially opened for business inside the Junto Hotel, which itself opened last month. The new “lifestyle hotel” is located at 77 Belle St. in Franklinton.

A coffee shop and cafe, Maudine’s is named after the cow that served as The Ohio State University’s 1926 homecoming queen. The concept leans into the bovine theme with more than just its name, however, as the tile patterns adorning many of Maudine’s counters and walls mimics the classic black and white spotting of a Holstein cow.


The concept was created out of a partnership between local developer Rockbridge and national brand creation and management service Makeready.

In addition to a wide variety of coffee drinks (including a custom coffee blend from local roaster One Line Coffee), the new cow-crazy spot serves up items like Maudine’s Breakfast Sandwich (made with Hobb’s bacon, egg custard, Tillamook cheddar cheese, chipotle Aioli and arugula on a toasted brioche bun) and Cow Cow Cookies, a gluten-free treat which feature strawberry and lemon flavoring and coconut lime or strawberry icing.

“We are excited to introduce Maudine’s, as our newest independent coffee shop experience” says Makeready’s President and COO, Christine Magrann in a press release. “Our goal is to create a unique space where everyone feels at home, indulging in lovely treats and savoring the joy of connecting over a great cup of coffee.”

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