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Yes, ice cream nachos are real; Here’s where you can find them in Columbus

Yes, ice cream nachos are real; Here’s where you can find them in Columbus

Jack McLaughlin

Ice cream and nachos are both great on their own. This is a fact. And while you might think a combination of the two would lead to cheese-flavored ice cream or chocolate sauce on chips, it’s actually really, really good.

While variations differ according to the eateries providing them, ice cream nachos typically feature waffle cones chips (although some use traditional chips with sweet coatings) or pieces in the role that’s traditionally filled by corn chips. Instead of cheese sauce, you’re invited to dip this dessert invention into caramel or chocolate sauce, alongside a variety of ice cream flavors that are served directly on top of, or alongside, the chips.

We put together a list of where you can find the trending treat in central Ohio.

Libby Lou’s Fun Factory

It should come as no surprise that the spot offering one of Yelp’s 11 most outrageous milkshakes in the country has some other unique desserts on the menu. True to form, this Clintonville spot tops theirs with ice cream, chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce, whip cream, and even mini marshmallows or cookie crumbles for good measure.

Strawser’s Ice Cream, Pop & Candy Shop

Fun ice cream floats and craft sodas aren’t the only things you’ll find at Strawser’s. The eatery offers ice cream nachos (that are made using traditional chips with a cinnamon sugar coating) in addition to ice cream tacos, which are created by placing several scoops inside of a waffle cone shell shaped like a taco.


Whit’s Frozen Custard (Pataskala)

While these are technically custard nachos, you get the point. It’s unclear if Whit’s other locations offer the inventive sweet treat, but according to an enticing Facebook post recently made by the concept, Whit’s in Pataskala most definitely does.

Dairy Hut

Pataskala is apparently the place to be for ice cream nachos. This long-standing local spot offers theirs with chocolate, vanilla, or twist soft serve, chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and even a cherry on top

Weldon’s Olde Fashion Ice Cream Parlor

Located in Millersport, this Buckeye Lake-area eatery has been serving up ice cream for nearly 100 years. While ice cream nachos likely weren’t on the menu in 1930, they sure are now, featuring a bed of bite-sized waffle cone chips, several scoops of the flavor of your choice, whipped cream, sauces and more.

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