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Circleville man hospitalized after zebra attack

Circleville man hospitalized after zebra attack

Jack McLaughlin

According to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office, a Circleville man has been hospitalized after being attacked by a pet zebra Sunday evening.

Just after 5:30 p.m. yesterday, Pickaway County officers responded to a home on the 6900 block of Darby Rd. in Circleville.

When officers arrived, the victim, who is the owner of the zebra, was discovered in a fenced-in field on the property and had sustained serious injuries. The victim was transported to Grant Medical Center.


According to reports, the male zebra was shot by an officer at the scene, as it continued to act aggressively and charge at officers. 

It’s unclear exactly what led to the attack, but according to multiple reports, there were several other female zebras in the enclosure at the scene. 

In Ohio, zebras are not considered to be exotic animals, and can be legally owned without a license.

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