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The summer heat is coming, and so are the summer eats at El Vaquero

The summer heat is coming, and so are the summer eats at El Vaquero

Jack McLaughlin

Summer has nearly arrived in central Ohio, and what better way to usher in the season’s warm weather than with the flavors of fire-grilled food?

And of course, the crown jewel of these options is steak.

At El Vaquero, patrons can dive into the eatery’s decadent Carne Asada, which offers a generous portion of flame-seared sirloin steak alongside a bed of Mexican rice, guacamole salad, pico de gallo and tortillas.

Feeling like tacos instead? El Vaquero’s offers Carne Asada Tacos, and its Tacos el Pastor is another popular option. Thinly-slice marinated pork is covered in a speciality sauce and topped with onions, cilantro, lime and Tomatillo hot sauce.

If it’s more pork you’re after, Cochinita Pibil offers a Yucatan-style preparation packed with plenty of flavor and a bit of heat. The pork, which is marinated and then baked, is served on a bed of rice and alongside a trio of tortillas, beans, lettuce, guacamole sour cream, pico de gallo, and tomato. Red onions cooked with lime and habanero are served on the side.

Wash it all down with one of El Vaquero’s famous margaritas, and you have yourself a bonafide warm-weather treat.



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