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And the grand winner of Central Ohio’s largest pizza tasting event, is….

And the grand winner of Central Ohio’s largest pizza tasting event, is….

Sav McKee

Picture this: a Columbus-style, thin-crust, crispy pizza, with a ranch and hot sauce base, topped with a blend of mozzarella and provolone, pepperoni, sausage, onions, and banana peppers, cooked on a stove oven. 

If your mouth is watering, you’re not alone. This pizza, The Hot Boss, made at none other than Carlucci’s Pizzeria, turned heads at last weekend’s Re-Slice event, which is a new iteration of Slice of Columbus, Central Ohio’s largest pizza tasting event, where top, local pizzerias are invited to offer samples of their pizza to attendees to try. Admission supports Nationwide Children’s Hospital. 

Photo of the winning pizza, Hot Boss, made with Sauce Boss La Jefa

“We had a good feeling ours might win when in the first hour, we had multiple people coming back for more,” said Lindsey Roshon, owner of Carlucci’s Pizzeria. 

This was Carlucci’s first time ever competing in a competition, and they came out on top. Beginner’s luck, or just incredible pizza? “One for one! I should probably retire now!” laughed Roshon.


Red Brick Tavern’s hand-tossed pizza came in second place, and around ten other pizzerias were there to compete, including Romeos, Jets, Gionino’s, Hound Dogs, Cardinal Pizza, North High Brewing, Red Brick Tap & Grill, Anges, and Black Dog Pizzeria. 

Roshon’s favorite, besides her own of course, was Ange’s Pizza in Gahanna. “The sauce was a little sweet – a lot different than ours. It was a good, classic, Columbus-style,” she said.

This year’s Re-Slice event was smaller than the previous events at The Commons, but Roshon said she preferred that. It was cool, intimate, and there were barely any lines.

Carlucci’s Pizzeria, once called “Pepperoncinis,” is located at 8757 Smoky Row Rd. in Powell, Ohio. Along with award-winning pizza, they also offer some incredible strombolis, according to Roshon. “We need a stromboli event in Columbus – we’d win that, too,” she emphasized.

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