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614 feast names his top 5 Columbus-area breakfast sandwiches

614 feast names his top 5 Columbus-area breakfast sandwiches

Anthony O'Connell

These breakfast sandwiches are so mouthwatering, so uniquely Columbus, they could very well be the best you’ve ever tasted. From the fluffiest rolls to delicious donuts, these five breakfast sandwiches are not just good – they’re legendary. Get ready to elevate your morning routine with these Columbus gems!

The Lox Bagel Shop (772 High St.)
My favorite bagels in Columbus, they’re boiled and then baked in a live fire oven. Their breakfast sandwiches are all hits, but for a plant-based treat, try the Vegan Carrot “Lox”. This sandwich features nori-cured carrot, housemade cashew cream cheese, capers, onions, and cucumber, offering a fantastic blend of flavors and textures.

Joya’s (657 High St., Worthington)
A true gem in Worthington, serving Bengali-American fusion cuisine. The Joya’s Breakfast Sandwich is a culinary masterpiece: Pav-tato roll with bacon, cheesy eggs, chutneys, and chives, offering an explosion of flavors.


DK Diner (1715 W. 3rd Ave.)
This mom-and-pop diner offers classic comfort food with a twist. The Donut Sandy is a must-try: two over-hard eggs, melted American cheese, and bacon sandwiched between a grilled DK glazed donut. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Katalina’s Harrison West (1105 Pennsylvania Ave.)
Mazatlan Slow-Roasted Pork & Egg Sandwich. It’s slow-roasted Beeler’s pork in Katalina’s secret Sriracha Honey Sauce, plus two fried eggs, local Amish provolone, avocado, roasted red peppers & Citrus Aioli, on two huge pieces of toasted Old World loaf. A high quality, delightful sandwich. 

Big Apple Breakfast Co. (895 High St., Worthington)
Bringing a taste of New York to Worthington, The Bodega sandwich tastes like the breakfast sandwiches I’d frequently eat when I lived in NYC. Choose from ham, bacon, or sausage, topped with a freshly cracked jumbo egg over easy and American cheese on a classic Kaiser roll. This sandwich perfectly captures the essence of the iconic NYC bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll. They nailed the Big Apple taste and vibe, if you really want to party add a hashbrown to the sandwich.

Are these the best breakfast sandwiches ever made? If not, what is your favorite feast-worthy breakfast sandwich in Columbus?

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