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After 30 years, Dublin eatery abruptly closes

After 30 years, Dublin eatery abruptly closes

Jack McLaughlin

A longtime Dublin eatery has shuttered.

According to a former employee who did not wish to be identified, Oscar’s of Dublin, which was located at 84 N. High St., closed its doors for good following service last Saturday night.

The employee said several staff members were notified the eatery was closed on Sunday, and that the closure was effectively immediately. According to the employee, staff members had known Oscar’s was slated to close its doors in the near future.


While the eatery hasn’t officially released a statement about the closure to its website or social media pages, an auction was held to sell of its equipment yesterday. 

According to, the auction began at 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 29, and was “short notice.” The website says the auction was intended to be “Fast pace…sell everything by piece till done.”

The eatery, which has served Dublin for three decades, was considered for demolition in the summer of 2022, when the Dublin Architectural Review Board discussed a proposal that would have seen Oscar’s torn down to create space for a new boutique hotel.

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