After going viral for banana and cheese pizza, Ohio eatery unveils new pizza featuring ranch, chicken and tons of almonds

Jack McLaughlin

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny Roscoe’s Pizza in Corwin, Ohio knows how to make a statement.

The pizzeria has gone viral more than once in the past after rolling out The Elvis–a pie featuring bananas, peanut butter, pizza cheese and more–and a barbeque Grippo’s chips pizza that looked a bit well-dine to some, and now the restaurant is back with more.

Last month, Roscoe’s unveiled one of its newest specialty pizzas, the Almond Chicken Crunch. Here’s a picture for reference:


According to a post introducing the new pie on Jan. 29, here’s what it contains: “Ranch base, Spinach, Feta, Pizza Cheese, Chicken, and Onions. Toasted Almonds added post-bake.”

The pizza costs $19.99 for a medium (12”), and with all the almonds you’re getting (nuts aren’t cheap!), this actually feels like a deal.

Roscoe’s is now home to more than 100 different specialty pizzas. From a Chicken and Waffles Pizza to a Peanut Butter and Jelly pie, here’s where you can find more info about them all.

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