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This viral Ohio pizzeria known for wild pies now home to 100 different speciality pizzas

This viral Ohio pizzeria known for wild pies now home to 100 different speciality pizzas

Jack McLaughlin

You may know Roscoe’s Pizza in Corwin, Ohio (just over an hour away from Downtown Columbus) for its pair of pizzas that recently went viral. This includes the Elvis Pizza–which combines bananas, peanut butter, honey and cheese–and the Grippo’s Pizza, which is topped with a healthy amount of blackened Grippo’s chips.

Now, there are 98 additional reasons you might know Roscoe’s as well. According to a post made to the pizzeria’s Facebook page, it has now officially added its 100th specialty pie to an already-expansive menu.

Several days ago, the pizzeria posted a photo of an employee holding a sign that reads: 


“Roscoe’s Pizza, home of 100 specialty pizzas. Est. April 23, 2020. 100th pizza launched Oct. 14, 2023.”

In true Roscoe’s style, the Corwin pizzeria didn’t mail it in for the 100th pie either; it went big. Roscoe’s broke 100 specialty pizzas with its new 10×10 Burger pizza. The hefty creation features a base of Spartan Sauce, cheese, and a total of ten toppings, including hamburger, cheddar cheese, pickles, bacon, ham, mushrooms, onion, banana peppers, tomato and tater tots. The 10×10 Burger pizza is only available in sizes of 10 inches or more due to the number of toppings needed to fit on it.

“When Roscoe’s Pizza first opened, there was discussion on if anyone would buy these unique pizzas more than once. They sure did. Over the next 2 years, we added many new pizzas and took others off. Sometime last year, we were at about 50-60 specialty pizzas,” a statement on Roscoe’s Facebook page introducing its 100th pizza reads. “So, here we are at 100 specialty pizzas. This one has been in the works at a while. We wanted something special. One that’s like a Super loaded burger you’d find somewhere, but just on a pizza of course. Here it is. The 10X10 burger. Try it today.”

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