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Local BBQ restaurant says they’ll go out of business soon if they don’t have more patronage

Local BBQ restaurant says they’ll go out of business soon if they don’t have more patronage

Sav McKee

“We have loved and enjoyed meeting every person that has come to our little restaurant but the sad reality is that if we don’t have more patronage very soon, we will go out of business,” said a local BBQ restaurant, known for their smoked pork belly burnt ends, creamy mac & cheese, and brisket.

Martiny’s BBQ opened in April of 2023 at 5808 Columbus Pike in Lewis Center, and although central Ohio adores their BBQ, and reviews say the food is “fantastic,” they appear to be having a rough time. 

They posted on their Facebook, “I don’t know if it’s the location or crummy economy but we aren’t set up like fast food franchise restaurants are. Everything we make is made in house and from scratch and I am tending those fires day in and day out.  Maybe Lewis Center isn’t the right location for the type of BBQ we are producing. I really hope I’m wrong about that, and I hope that anyone that truly enjoys our BBQ will help promote us and support us so that we can keep operating,” they said.

And promote and support them is exactly what central Ohio did. 


The very next day, Martiny’s posted on their Facebook, “We really don’t know what to say!! Thank you to everyone who came out today! Holy smokes! Michael ran out of food just before 6:30pm!! The outpouring of support is just amazing to us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! You kicked his butt and we loved it!!! Please call us or message if anyone who came in today had any issues with their order. We only wish we’d had enough food for everyone! Breaks our heart to turn people away!”

If you’re wanting to keep supporting Martiny’s BBQ, check out their made-from-scratch menu!

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