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Local food truck: Family sends adolescent son to steal tip jar

Local food truck: Family sends adolescent son to steal tip jar

Jack McLaughlin

A Columbus taco truck had its tip jar stolen late last week, and the food concept believes a family pushed their adolescent son to do the deed.

According to a Facebook post from AJ’s Tacos, the eatery’s tip jar was stolen during a lunch event last week.

“To the parents who pulled up in alley and told their 10-12 year old to ‘fake order’ and run off with our tips, I hope you needed the money,” the post reads.


Owners Augustine and Rachel told 614Now that, by the time they could have taken any action, it was already too late.

“By the time I realized what he just did, I just laughed it off and was so shocked that even happened. When I went out to see where he went is where I saw someone tell me he got into the car and zoomed off,” the owners said.

The Columbus food truck, which is known for Birria tacos, included a video of the incident which depicts an individual stopping by the front of the truck speaks briefly to an employee before grabbing the tip jar and running away.

As it likely depicts a minor, 614Now will not include the video.

“The tip jar with only $20-25 in there from the morning, it wasn’t a big deal. It’s discouraging when people steal from small businesses like us, when this is our only occupation that pays all of our bills,”  the duo told 614Now. “Plus, it’s really discouraging when you see a child stealing from someone while the parents sit in the car waiting, when the child was clearly nervous and scared to do it.”

You can find AJ’s Tacos at Third Way Coffee, which is located at 3059 W. Broad St., and soon at their second location, 2864 N. High St. in Clintonville.

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