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National bubble tea & waffle chain opens first-ever central Ohio location

National bubble tea & waffle chain opens first-ever central Ohio location

Sav McKee

Apparently, soda is over – and bubble tea is in. Everywhere we look, a new spot for bubble/boba tea is popping up around central Ohio, allowing more fun, decadent drink options than just soda and coffee.

Tsaocaa Tea (pronounced Tsao Cha), a national chain with a huge following, just opened the first-ever central Ohio location near Upper Arlington at 4740 Reed Rd # 107. They’re known for delicious and colorful bubble and milk teas, as well as decadent egg waffles. At some locations, they also serve succulent, Korean fried-chicken, and their Cincinnati location offers a variety of pastries and buns, both sweet and savory. The Columbus location could follow suit in the near future.


Bubble Tea was first invented in Taiwan in the 1990s, initially using a powdered milk. “As bubble tea shops traveled West, many kept with that tradition. However, we broke the mold with freshly brewed tea recipes at Tsaocaa,” says their website. 

They continue, “Each loose leaf tea is brewed fresh to order in an espresso-like machine, which sets Tsaocaa apart from any other shops in America. The staff then puts the tea concentrate out to cool it down. Once cool, the tea is mixed either with organic milk, almond milk, soy milk or coconut water and shaken until the namesake ‘bubbles’ rise to the top.”

Flavor options at the Columbus location include traditional bubble teas, but also Oreo, Coconut Mango Slush, Brown Sugar, Ube, and other fun flavors. Don’t forget the waffle on the side.

Tsaocaa is open Sunday through Thursday, 12pm-6pm, and Friday-Saturday, 11am-8pm.

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