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LeBron James & Drake: A Bromance Made in Columbus

LeBron James & Drake: A Bromance Made in Columbus

614now Staff

If you thought LeBron James couldn’t get any better after the Cavs legendary win, then you thought wrong.

LeBron finally reached his full potential this last Saturday during a Drake concert in the Nationwide Arena when he helped the rapper perform ‘Pop Style.’ Basketball is obviously not his only defining talent as he rapped along to the Views track while Drake tailored the lyrics, “Bronny, Bronny had to handle that one his way,” according to an Entertainment Weekly article.


Drake was positively gushing in admiration for LeBron’s ‘King’ status as Ohio’s basketball hero, “…and one more time for the man who came back home and brought a motherf—ing championship instead of doing anything different.”

According to ESPN, Lebron will be signing a three-year contract with NBA champions, Cleveland Cavaliers. No wonder Drake could barely hold himself together over that news, can you?

Drake’s (understandably and completely acceptable) fangirl outburst was part of his Summer Sixteen Tour, and you can catch him through the next week in Detroit, Pittsburgh and Washington DC.


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