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Real life footage of Distracted Drivers

Real life footage of Distracted Drivers

614now Staff

In an attempt to curb reckless and distracted driving, The Ohio Department of Public Safety and the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) has released a new video showing real-life distracted drivers.

OSHP basically had a videographer ride in a marked patrol car to take real footage of people looking at their phones, eating, talking on their phones, and even putting on makeup.

The video is pretty intimidating, but Lieutenant Robert G. Sellers from OSHP said, “We hope people recognize how their distraction affects their ability to properly operate a motor vehicle. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is committed to improving safety on Ohio’s roadways. The purpose of this video is raise awareness to these everyday behaviors and how they distract your focus from the roadway while driving.”

For the regular driver in Cbus, this footage comes as no surprise. Everyone in Columbus drives like a blind elephant in a hurry, but hopefully with this video we can realize what we’re doing.


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