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Playing Scrabble Helps Others Learn English

Playing Scrabble Helps Others Learn English

614now Staff

One of the major disadvantages and fears for an immigrants coming into the US is learning English. It keeps them from socializing and engaging in the community. This challenge also presents itself to Americans even, who maybe didn’t have the resources to learn how to read growing up.

The Columbus Literacy Council, since 1970,  has been helping immigrants and natural-born Americans overcome this obstacle and take part in the community that English illiteracy would keep them from. This month they will be hosting Letters For Literacy, a scrabble tournament meant to encourage donations which go towards its programs. These types of events are what keep student registration fees at the council $50, where elsewhere they can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars just to learn English.

The tournament will be serving its second year, and this year refreshments and food will be sold Indonesian style – by Aromaku Food Truck and beer sold by MadTree. There will be several different scrabble teams competing against each other, and it’s still not too late to sign up! First place will win $200, 2nd place will win a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams recipe book and a $25 gift card, and third place wins a Sweet Carrot $25 gift card. As long as you place, you really can’t lose, right?

The scrabble tournament will be held September 13th at 6:30 PM at Vue Columbus. Admission is free, but teams must sign up and donations are encouraged. 


Photo By John Roberts 


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