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Columbus Crew takes the Cup and lifts Columbus’ spirits

Columbus Crew takes the Cup and lifts Columbus’ spirits

Sarah Sole

At the eleventh hour, the Columbus Crew SC was able to give fans a huge dopamine boost to close out a very challenging 2020. 

The Crew took the MLS Cup Dec. 12 during the last playoff match at MAPFRE Stadium, beating the Seattle Sounders 3-0. 

In the midst of a global crisis, the city needs to look forward to positive things, said Lexi Sweet, Experience Columbus public relations manager. The city tends to dream big and is built on relentless optimism, she said. 

“That’s what saved the crew,” she said. 


Sweet said she thinks the win, along with the new soccer stadium, will help bolster the Crew’s fan base. 

“I think it’s going to do great things,” she said. 

For Crew fan Ronny Stake, the Crew win Saturday was a perfect way to close out the final game at MAPFRE Stadium. 

“I’ve gone to plenty of Crew games in that stadium, and it is a fantastic place, and we Crew fans love how it ended,” he said. 

Robbie Snyder, who first began attending Crew games when he played soccer as a kid, said he felt elated and relieved after the year the country has had to get through. 

“So much pain and suffering in the community because of COVID, and to have the team fight through that too meant more to me,” he said. 

Snyder said the team lost two players in the final to positive COVID-19 tests and several more in the semi-final game. 

Although he missed the ‘08 win because he was living outside the country, this time around Snyder was able to watch the Crew dominate along with daughter, Rowan, born Nov. 2. 

“So very little, but she is already rocking a Crew onesie,” he said. 

Like Snyder, Pittsburgh resident Ellis Robinson’s love for the Crew was also fueled by attending games with his childhood travel soccer team. 

While just a few years ago the Crew’s outlook appeared grim, the team kept momentum the entire game against the Sounders, he said. 

“I’m just happy for all the Crew fans,” he said. 


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