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Clintonville Mediterranean restaurant gets a refresh

Clintonville Mediterranean restaurant gets a refresh

Sarah Sole

When Lavash reopens for dine-in service at the beginning of next month, guests will return to a completely updated dining room. 

Lavash co-owner Jamal Latif said the dining room has been closed for a year and the restaurant has been limited to curbside and food app deliveries. 

“Our employees kept commenting on how it was sad to see the dining room not be used and how they wish there was a way for us to perk it up for when we could open back up safely,” he said. 


Lavash has indeed worked to perk up the space, repainting the entire restaurant and replacing tables, chairs, and floor tile. The dining room has new wall trim and lighting, and custom plexiglass dividers will separate tables. 

“We have always been a restaurant that the community gathers in, to the extent we have customers that would tell us (pre-Covid) that they were going on vacation and not to wonder why they didn’t come in for their regular weekly meal,” Latif said. “For these customers and others who have been getting steadily getting vaccinated and want to venture out into the world, we wanted a fun, new, energetic, and most importantly safe Lavash for them to come back to.”

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