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Eat Your Vegetables: Popsicle shop incorporates kale, cauliflower, and more into these naturally sweet treats

Eat Your Vegetables: Popsicle shop incorporates kale, cauliflower, and more into these naturally sweet treats


Ali and Anique Russell had zero professional culinary expertise. But what they did have was a passion for incorporating organic treats into their family’s diets, as well as finding a sweet way to resist chronic health diseases.

“We hope to change the narrative and normalize ‘healthy choices’ as being the main choice,” says Anique. 

Ali, creator of the pops, sought to make the palette of Too Good Eats colorful, prioritizing a striking taste that would turn the nostalgic treat into a timeless classic. 


“Ripe fruit is naturally sweet and when it’s frozen, we naturally preserve the sweetness and nutrients even more, our taste buds have been trained to love added sugar and we really don’t need it, especially in a frozen pop,” says Anique. “Our inspiration comes from seasonal ingredients, rare and forgotten fruits and veggies that people don’t normally consume and transforming them into an enjoyable frozen treat.”

The Too Good Eats menu boasts non-traditional choices remixed into a decadent selection of island-inspired flavors to veggie-fueled delights. For a Caribbean-tinged kick, opt for the Tropical Juicy Fruit, a citrus blend of cashew milk and jackfruit. For subtle, creamier pastures, the Raspcherry is a sweet concoction of raspberries, cherries, orange juice, cauliflower and bananas. 

Photo by Ally Schnaidt

“Our Too Good Green—crafted with kale, mango, banana, apple, and lemon—this pop is a fan favorite for sure,” says Anique, admitting that making just one selection is tough for newbies of Too Good Eats. “First-time customers should also try our Pineapple Hibiscus Punch—it’s crafted with pineapple, blackberries, hibiscus, and spices.”

Forgoing added sugar and water for no-filler ingredients, Too Good Eats also offers a monthly mix-and-match subscription and popsicle party kits and juice pop resets for a quick cleanse. With summertime pop-ups around Columbus, popsicles aren’t the only speciality of Too Good Eats—the unique and bold taste of their Creamy Coconut Cold Brew and Blueberry Lavender make for perfect cool down drinks.

“Frozen pops are a classic treat,” says Anique. “And we’ve found a way to transform the popular treat into something unique and healthy.”

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