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Gallicchio’s Perfect Pies, a Monthly Review: Vick’s Gourmet Pizzeria

Gallicchio’s Perfect Pies, a Monthly Review: Vick’s Gourmet Pizzeria


Born and raised in Columbus, Mike Gallicchio is first and foremost an entrepreneur. You might be familiar with some of his work. He’s owner of the Columbus Food Truck Festival, Columbus Wine Festival, and Columbus Fiery Foods Festival, as well as a food truck fabrication company, Titan Trucks. His father (Pops) is the real pizza connoisseur of Columbus—He owned several Domino’s Pizza franchises. Once he was old enough, though, Gallicchio spent many a night makin’ pies and traveling from store to store proofing dough and slapping sauce. While he’s since eked out a living in a different part of Columbus’ cuisine scene, Gallicchio’s love for all things pizza has remained, and searching out perfect pies is something he’s passionate about. Every month, you can count on Gallicchio to share one of his favorite pizza places. Will it be one of your own favorites, or a new place to try?   


Vick’s Gourmet Pizzeria

Pizza For Breakfast Rating: 3

We departed downtown Columbus on a rainy Thursday night to finally grab our much anticipated prize for the evening, Vick’s Gourmet Pizza. Vick’s Gourmet Pizza is a little hard to find, especially if you’re not familiar with the east side of Columbus and Reynoldsburg.

Personally, I like the fact that it’s elusive, and this always adds to the mystery of trying a new pizza. Arriving at our destination, we parked and walked up to an old hardware store, searching for a sign to Vick’s Gourmet Pizza or even a secret entryway pointing the way to the pizza promised land. 

Finally, I walked around the corner and saw some life and Vick’s Gourmet Pizza. To find Vick’s Gourmet Pizza, once you get to the old hardware store, keep walking east on Main Street, turn the corner, and you’re at Vick’s Gourmet Pizza.

Vick’s Gourmet Pizza has been around since 1961, located next to the Connell Hardware building at 7345 East Main street. Vick’s Gourmet Pizza has one of the better small bars I’ve ever been to. I mean no offense by this, but I would put it in my “top 20 dive

bars in Columbus” category, especially when you add in their great pizza as a bonus. I’ve heard they have an awesome outdoor patio space as well, but I’ve never been.

Vick’s Gourmet Pizza is Columbus-style pizza through and through. I usually get the Extreme Pepperoni when I visit Vick’s Gourmet Pizza and always get extra cheese to kick it up a notch. The crust is always firm, and the sauce is delicious and sweet tasting.

Vick’s Gourmet Pizza is really good, real good. I like the crust a lot, and it’s always a plus when fresh shrooms are used. The drive was worth it, and I’ll be back for seconds.


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