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Here’s when this anticipated alcohol-free bar is opening

Here’s when this anticipated alcohol-free bar is opening

Jack McLaughlin

If you’re eyeing a New Year’s resolution that involves cutting down on or quitting drinking, we’ve got just the place for you: The Dry Mill.

Billed as the city’s first sober bar, the establishment will be entirely alcohol-free, and now we know when to expect an opening.

Co-owner David Payne told 614now that The Dry Mill is slated to open in January of 2022, although an exact date has yet been selected.


The new alcohol-free bar, which was announced this summer, will be located downtown, at 79 S. 4th St.

It will serve up everything from coffee, to alcohol-free cocktails and even a variety of non-alcoholic beer, with many options coming from local beer-makers BrewDog.

And even if you do drink and just want a friendly place to hang out, Payne said The Dry Mill will be welcome to everyone.

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