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The new Fried Chicka Bang special only available this month

The new Fried Chicka Bang special only available this month

Sarah Sole

The folks over at Fried Chicka Bang are constantly coming up with new sandwiches and recently let their fans weigh in on their creations. 

The verdict? In a recent social media smackdown between the Tex Mex-inspired Crunchy Chicken Supreme and the French Stewart (ham, swiss, and Hunky Mustard), the Crunchy Chicken Supreme won by a landslide. 

“I didn’t even have to count the votes,” said Maria Swallie, who operates Fried Chicka Bang alongside her sisters-in-law Megan Stasko and Meggan Stasko.


Because Fried Chicka Bang only delivers blessings, their winning sandwich (featuring lettuce, tomato, Bang Sauce, cheddar, and crema) will be available the entire month of May. 

“If Taco Bell and Fried Chicka Bang had a baby, this would be the sandwich,” Swallie said. 

Even after the month is out, Fried Chicka Bang plans to keep the creativity coming. Swallie said nothing is set in stone, but she and Megan and Meggan plan on continuing to create new collaborations with other local eateries for sandwiches and desserts. With a small menu, switching up items is key, she said. 

“We’re always trying new things,” she said. 


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