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The saddest pizza you’ll ever try

The saddest pizza you’ll ever try

Sarah Sole

The latest local offering from third party delivery apps is kind of a bummer.

Have you tried Sad Pie yet? Located at CloudKitchen at 1282 Essex Ave., the ghost kitchen offers a variety of pizzas with emo-inspired names.

There’s Boulevard of Spicy Dreams, a pie topped with spicy white sauce, mozzarella cheese, jalapenos, banana peppers, a “sad sriracha” and a buffalo swirl.


If a riff on Green Day isn’t your style, there’s Lifestyle of the Mac & Cheeses, which as the name suggests, comes topped with mac n’ cheese, mozzarella, cheddar cheese and a (surprise) sad ranch swirl.

While Sad Pie offers a slew of creatively named pizzas, you also have the chance to build your own or choose from sides like New Found Garlic Bread and Saves the Day Sticks.

BRB, just giving ourselves some emo swoop bangs.

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