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The Weekender: Weekend waffles

The Weekender: Weekend waffles

Alyson Strickler-Vazquez

The perfect weekend brunch always includes waffles. There is something soothing about smothering each crevice in creamy butter and seeing the sheen of sticky-sweet maple syrup dripping down the outer edges. These three restaurants are my go-to for some of the best waffles in the #614.

South of Lane is nestled in a quaint shopping strip in Upper Arlington. The intimate and charming interior is connected to a small patio with rows of iron tables perfect for enjoying a weekend cold brew. SoL’s Belgian batter perfectly balances sweet and savory and is only enhanced by fresh whipped butter, powdered sugar, and Milligan’s small-batch syrup. One bite of the crisp exterior and you will understand what makes SoL’s Belgian better than most. Guess where I will be this weekend…


Marshall’s Grandview has utilized the same Belgian batter since 1985. The fluffy interior is sweeter than most Belgian waffles and is served with a generous dusting of powdered sugar. Marshall’s rotates in new waffle irons every few weeks to ensure consistent quality and a golden facade. I recommend leaning into the sweetness and filling each nook with butter and syrup before indulging. One bite into Marshall’s pillowy Belgian waffle and you will become a breakfast regular.

Must-Try – Add a scope of ice cream, and you have dessert!

Hot Chicken Takeover is no longer only slinging waffles on the weekends; that’s right, HCT recently made their waffles available every day! Embracing a two-step cooking process that ends with a quick bath in the deep fryer, these cake-like waffles are addicting and only get better when paired with HCT’s spicy chicken. This dense treat tastes remarkably like a funnel cake, dusted with ample amounts of powdered sugar and delectably sweet. This menu item is a must with any HCT order!

It is the perfect time of year to enjoy an outside patio, take in the changing leaves, and dig into a warm and satisfying weekend waffle. 

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