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Typsy Gypsy: New “mobile bar” slinging craft cocktails from a converted horse trailer is now open

Typsy Gypsy: New “mobile bar” slinging craft cocktails from a converted horse trailer is now open

Jack McLaughlin

The former horse trailer attached to the rear of Andrea Ciardelli’s vehicle hasn’t held a live animal in years. Instead, something else lives there now: alcohol, and lots of it, including wine, beer, and craft cocktail supplies.

That’s because her new venture, Typsy Gypsy, is now open for business. Something like a cross between a food truck and private bartender, the trailer offers drink service for events, all with pick-up-and-go convenience.


“I worked at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants for years as a bartender, and I loved it. But now with kids, I can’t be gone nights three to five times a week,” Ciardelli said. “This lets me gets back to what I love about bartending: Meeting people and making great drinks.”

While Typsy Gypsy resembles a food truck or one of the coffee trailers that are currently all the rage in Columbus, the new mobile spot can’t simply set up anyplace and start selling alcohol. Ciardelli’s venture works events, where the type and quantity of alcohol is predetermined.

“I consider myself a liquid caterer,” she said.

Within that role though, her customers still have a lot of leeway.

“I consider it like a concierge-level drink service,” she said. “We’ll sit down and determine what kind of drinks to serve at the event. And I’ll let the hosts choose flavor profiles for the cocktails they want, whether they like herbal or fruity or savory.”

You can reserve Typsy Gypsy for events here.

This type of mobile drink service is becoming increasingly popular in Columbus as well. Other similar concepts include Short & Stout Mobile Bar, Sunshine Wine Mobile Bar, Trailer Made Mobile Bar, and more.

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