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Saddleberk opens at North Market Bridge Park, take a first look inside

Saddleberk opens at North Market Bridge Park, take a first look inside

Jack McLaughlin

The hotly-anticipated Saddleberk officially opens today inside Dublin’s North Market Bridge Park. A combination artisan butcher shop, restaurant, and compact grocery store, Saddleberk stands as one of the largest and most versatile vendor stalls in the development. 

So naturally, we want to give you a first look inside. You can learn more about the background of the concept, which began as a farm supplying Kroger and Columbus restaurants with sought-after Berkshire pork, from our previous coverage

Now, let’s get into the meat of it. Literally.

From Berkshire pork to beef and rotating speciality products (like pumpkin spice and blueberry breakfast sausages), Saddleberk acts as a one-stop shop for a wide variety artisanal meats.

A variety of dry goods and groceries (including spice blends, sauces, and more) are on sale inside the Saddleberk space as well. It will even feature a fresh produce cooler, although this will be installed at a later date.

A restaurant space with bar-style seating allows patrons to order directly from the Saddleberk menu and eat on-site or grab and go.

Featuring burgers and sandwiches like the Crispy Chicken (pictured above, top), hearty shareable plates, sides, and salads like the Antipasto (pictured above, bottom), the Saddleberk menu has a lot to love.

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