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Beat the heat with our list of local boozy slushies

Beat the heat with our list of local boozy slushies

Sarah Sole

When the temperature heats up, a surefire way to cool down can be found with a few sips from your straw. It’s boozy slushie season, and we’re here with a starter pack of spots to find your fix. Cheers to beating the heat. 

Oddfellows Columbus

Oddfellows has upped its slushie game with Lushie Flights. Available on weekend afternoons for $15, they’re a great way to sample your favorite flavors and avoid decision anxiety. 

Wyandotte Winery

Wyandotte’s on-site slushie machines combine lighter white or fruit wines with a heavy helping of additional fruit flavor. They’ve proved to be so popular that the winery now sells them year-round. 


Seventh Son

Seventh Son’s frozen Paloma features Blanco Tequila, orange liqueur, and grapefruit. Enjoy the drink alone or add it to your beer—it pairs particularly well with an IPA. 

Hoof Hearted 

Visiting Hoof Hearted, you’ll have your choice of a frozen margarita or frosé. Or heck, get them both; we don’t judge.  

Grove City Brewery

Grove City Brewery’s wine slushie features a fruit blend mixed with their house-made white or red wines. Make sure to check out their seasonal flavors.

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