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After kitchen fire, here’s what the future holds for the Historic Buxton Inn

After kitchen fire, here’s what the future holds for the Historic Buxton Inn

Jack McLaughlin

The Historic Buxton Inn caught fire early yesterday morning, and immediately after the 90-minute blaze, the 200 year-old hotel wasn’t quite sure of what the future held.

By yesterday evening, however, the Inn provided us with an update.

According to a statement posted to Buxton Inn’s social media pages, the fire was contained to the building’s kitchen, which means adjacent rooms only incurred smoke damage.


That being said, a massive clean-up effort will soon begin, and the inn will close for a minimum of several weeks.

“Moving forward, we will have a large clean-up effort and remain closed for at least three weeks. We are unsure of an exact re-opening date at this time but will share more as we further assess the damages and our plans moving forward,” the statement reads.

Those with Inn reservations within this timeframe will be contacted by the The Buxton Inn soon.

“As we continue the clean-up and rebuilding process, we are sure opportunities will arise and will share them as they come. For now, the best way you can support us is to be ready to visit the Inn when we are back up and running! The support of our community is what has kept the Buxton’s doors open for nearly 220 years and it is what will continue to do so,” the statement reads.

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