Columbus event combining laser tag meets real-life zombies returning for just three days

Jack McLaughlin

Whether it was during a middle school daydream or after watching the most recent of The Walking Dead, almost all of us have had the desire to mow down some live-action zombies with a laser rifle.

And now, for the next several days, you can do just that.

The haunted house Fear Columbus has added three new dates to its popular Nightmare Combat event, which combines the live-action elements of a haunted house with laser tag.


The event, which features more than 50 live performers across 40,000 square feet, is returning July 7-9. You can buy tickets while they last here.

Participants are equipped with laser tag-style weapons, and they progress through an immersive environment while staving off zombies, often portrayed by live actors in costume. Similar to other versions of laser tag, the zombies carry sensors to make it clear when they’ve been hit.

Due to its large-scale, interactive nature, Nightmare Combat is only held at select times during the year, meaning if you want to try your hand at fighting off zombies, you’ll want to do so soon.

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