One of the country’s only Park Golf courses, a sport known as “mini-golf on steroids,” opens in Ohio

Jack McLaughlin

A unique golf variant combining the fun and accessibility of mini golf with the sweeping, 18-hole courses of traditional golf has arrived in Ohio.

Say hello to park golf, and to a brand-new park golf course in Logan, Ohio, which is one of only several in the entire country.

Invented in Japan in 1983, park golf is played with a single club (that shares features of both a driver and putter), and combines aspects of traditional 18-hole golf, mini golf and even croquet. The park golf ball is also made of resin and significantly larger than its standard counterpart.


According to The International Park Golf Association America (IPGA), the sport has referred to as “mini-golf on steroids” as well.

The new Logan course, which is located at 30713 Lake Logan Rd., is called Wormburner Park Golf.

The concept’s website refers to it as only the second park golf course in Ohio. According to the IPGA website, at the time this story was published, there is only one certified park golf course in the country, which is located in New York. It’s unclear if Wormburner is currently in the process of certifying its course,

Adults are able to play for $8 each, and children can play for $5. Games between people typically 40 minutes, according to Wormburner’s website.

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