Clintonville-area restaurant captures unique theft on camera

Jack McLaughlin

Since condiments are typically handed out for free, it’s not every day that a restaurant reports customers stealing their dips and sauces.

In a post made to its social media accounts on March 10, Buckeye Pho shared a video of a diner allegedly stealing one of the restaurant’s glass jars used to hold chili sauces.

You can watch the video, which appears to show a patron slipping the jar into a bag on his table, here.


“Just today a customer stole our chili glass jar from our table after he was done with his meal,” the post reads. “Although our chili sauce are spicy and delicious to eat, please ask our staff members for extra condiments if you wish to take some home instead of stealing it from our table. Thank you!”

Buckeye Pho is located at 761 Bethel Rd., STE E. 195, just outside of Clintonville. The eatery is open 11 a.m.-8 p.m. today.

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