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It’s Pizza & Beer Week, so we asked foodies and chefs to name their favorite local pies and brews

It’s Pizza & Beer Week, so we asked foodies and chefs to name their favorite local pies and brews

Jack McLaughlin

In case you haven’t already heard, we’re currently in the midst of Pizza & Beer Week, a weeklong event that compiles discounted pies and brews from many of the city’s top spots.

In honor of Pizza & Beer Week, we asked a handful of local foodies, chefs and restaurateurs to share their favorite local pizzas and (you guessed it) their favorite local beers.

Katie Passo

Rose Dough Donuts, owner

“I’m going to go with Tommy’s well done and Combustion Brewing (Clintonville).”


Doug Sherwood

Baldy Pizza Reviews

“Classics Pizza in Westerville Pepperoni and cheese double pepperoni a little well done. Jackie O’s Dark Apparition.”


Jordan Posner


“My favorite pizza is so hard but probably the cherry jones from Paulie gees and my favorite beer is any beer from Pretentious [Ale House].”


Nakimba Mullins

Pizza Connoisseurs of Columbus, founder

“Benny’s is definitely my favorite, and a draft beer from Barley’s downtown, but I’m more of a bourbon guy.”


Austin Yochus


“Favorite pizza is JT’s Pizza, and I actually don’t drink!”


Aaron Clouse

Parable Coffee, Executive Pastry Chef

“So pizza for me is Slammers. I like the thickness of the crust, the crispy pepperoni on top sets it off. And then beer would be Elvis Juice. Grapefruit is a favorite!”


Anthony O’Connell


“Tough beer question, I love Seventh Son, Land Grant, and CBC but if I had to choose a favorite I’d say Seventh Son Humulus Nimbus, we have so much amazing beer and pizza. 

Pizza, I’ll say Classics Pizza but since that’s technically Westerville my technically Columbus answer is Pie of the Tiger.”


Jesse Hubbard

“Punk Rock & Cocktails,” author

“My two favorite breweries in the area are definitely Derive and Nocterra. The beers are amazing and the service is always on point.

And my go to pizza joint is 100% Yellow Brick Pizza. They have the most amazing vegan options and a pretty solid beer selection too.”

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