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Pizza, pastries, cheesesteaks, BBQ, + more – here’s some of the eateries that just opened in Cbus

Pizza, pastries, cheesesteaks, BBQ, + more – here’s some of the eateries that just opened in Cbus

Sav McKee

Clintonville is becoming quite the hub for independent restaurants, and their newest establishment, High St. Kitchens, encourages new eateries to share a commercial kitchen space together, fueling collaboration, and of course, saving money on rent.

Inside this “maker’s kitchen,” which is inspired by LA and NYC eateries who share space, you’ll find a wide variety of food options, ranging from Puerto Rican pizza and cuisine at Nuyorican, gyros and fries at AnA Shawarma, kabobs at Caspian Persian, pulled pork sandwiches at Smitty’s BBQ, candy from Simply Winning Sweets, curry from Saffron Indian & Chinese, coffee and pastries from Layered Brew, and soon, ramen & bibimbap from Mashita Noodles.

“Sharing building costs and utilities helps us build our businesses sustainably while saving on higher commercial retail costs,” said Clair Joy, owner of Layered Brew. “We have a beautiful storefront and small front lounge for pickup or eating in. Customers can order drinks and desserts from us and add items from other restaurants onsite. It’s a great way to try different cuisines and support local businesses.”


High St. Kitchens seems like the perfect place to get your business up & running. It’s almost like a food truck, but more permanent. “The maker space has allowed us to grow our test kitchen, seasonal menus, attend community events, festivals and popups,” said Clair. “I’m excited to expand Layered Brew to new locations and a larger cafe space in Columbus in the future. We are excited to continue our mission of sharing good energy and really good food and drinks locally and beyond!”

Layered Brew is the only eatery inside High St. Kitchen that focuses on coffee, teas, and plant-based pastries, which was inspired by Clair’s journey of healing after surviving long Covid. “It required me to change everything in my life: work, stress level, food, hydration etc. I was working from home and could not find a decent latte that could be delivered, so I started making them myself. Then it expanded to a form of self expression and art through bright and beautiful mocktails, juices, layering different colors, flavors and fresh ingredients. In finding my joy again, Layered Brew was born,” she emphasized.

Photo via Layered Brew’s Instagram

One of the most enticing features of High St. Kitchens is that everything can be delivered right to you. You can grab iced macchiatos and avocado toast from Layered Brew and a huge gyro from AnA Shawarma. It’s one of those places where the whole family can get what they want, and most of the establishments are open late at night.

Visit all of Clintonville’s new eateries at 2864 North High St. Order pick up or delivery here.

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