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DCC proposes new rules; when & where we could expect recreational marijuana sales

DCC proposes new rules; when & where we could expect recreational marijuana sales

Sav McKee

This summer, the sun might not be the only thing blazing. Emphasis on the “might,” though. 

The Ohio Division of Cannabis has proposed a new set of rules for recreational marijuana sales. As early as September 7, non-medical dispensary applicants could be issued a license for legal recreational sales.

However, medical dispensary applicants could be expected to be licensed for the selling of recreational marijuana as early as June 7.

The new proposed rules for recreational sales include not opening within 500 feet of churches, public libraries, public parks, playgrounds, and schools, closing by 11 p.m., and many other proposed rules involving security and safety, waste disposal, and visitors.


The exact timing is still pretty unclear.  Marijuana became legal to possess (21+) since December 7, 2023, when a voter-backed measure went into effect, but Ohio lawmakers have not completely agreed on proposed marijuana law changes.

The DCC is looking for any feedback by April 17. Public comment can be emailed to [email protected] and [email protected].  

Please Note: the DCC’s website says, “The following information is based on the initiated statute ballot measure approved by voters. Because it is an initiated statute, it may be amended by the state legislature. Any amendments to the statute could impact the timeline for the rulemaking and licensing processes, and dispensary sales.

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