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Save room for these Restaurant Week desserts

Save room for these Restaurant Week desserts

614now Staff

If you ask us, one the best parts of (614) Restaurant Week is that dessert is almost always included on the menu.

If you’re the type who hopes the table will say yes to the dessert offer at the end of the meal, but you sit in disappointed silence when the consensus is no every time, Restaurant Week is a real treat.

We hear you, dessert-lovers. We know you’re scrolling down to the bottom when you look at the menus, anxious to see what divine confections adorn the third course. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the most unique, indulgent, and just plain over-the-top desserts you’ll find at participating Restaurant Week restaurants. Get that sweet tooth ready for July 26th – 31st!


Asterisk Supper ClubCornbread and Sweet Tea Ice cream
Sweet and savory corn bread topped with sweet tea ice cream and caramel kettle corn.
There’s something about this that reminds us of a certain Columbus-founded ice cream shop. If you crave beloved southern staples rolled into one creative frozen treat, this is it.

Bristol RepublicSmoked Candied Bacon Cheesecake
Smoked caramel and candied bacon cheesecake
Can you ever go wrong with that sweet + savory flavor combo that bacon-infused desserts provide? Nope. This cheesecake perfectly fitting for a BBQ-centered menu.

Nosh on High“Boston Baked Beans” Ice Cream
Maple Bourbon Ice cream with Roasted Candy Peanuts
Those unfamiliar with the retro candy-coated peanuts probably read this dessert title and felt a little unsure. Don’t worry, these little morsels are sweet, crunchy snack, not a mushy and saucy legume. Combined with rich ice cream, they sound heavenly.

The RailBourbon Pecan Pie
Caramel Drizzle | Whipped Cream | Scratch-made locally with The Rail Bourbon
Pecan pie is good. Bourbon Pecan Pie is better. That’s just science. The Rail’s famous pies are all locally baked, and this one is pictured at the top of this article, so you know it’s the real deal.

Wolf’s RidgeBananas + Bourbon
Caramelized banana, banana sponge cake, salted bourbon caramel, salted caramel ice cream, cinnamon nut crumble, pastry cream
Could they have packed any more decadence into this dish? Just reading “salted caramel” twice is enough to make your mouth water, and then they go and add a crumble and a cream to t he cake? And hey, we won’t say no to more bourbon-infused deliciousness.

The Guild HouseBlueberry Lemon Cake
Pistachio Cake, Lemon Mousse, Blueberry Lavender Ganache, Blueberry Compote
Something bright and lovely for your afternoon tea…or to follow up a gourmet Guild House dinner. This cake sounds like it’s straight out of the “Great British Baking Show”.

Cap City Fine DinerSeriously Big Chocolate Cake
Famous Three-Layer Cake
When they say famous, they’re not lying. We’ve mentioned this one before, and for good reason. It is indeed seriously big and seriously incredible. When dining at Cap City, you’re pretty much obligated to order a monstrous slice.

Forty DeuceThe Bodega Skyscraper Shake, The Unicorn Skyscraper Shake, and The Buckeye Skyscraper Shake
These aptly-named towers of sugar overload are a sight to behold. No matter which one you order, you’re guaranteed at least five desserts all piled onto a delicious handmade ice cream-based milkshake. Outrageous? Yes. Do we need one? Absolutely.

Fado Pub & KitchenHarvest Bread Pudding
with apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, and walnuts topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
Fall, is that you? We’re getting all the autumn feels from this dessert. Nothing says cozy like cinnamon and apples, and that’s a feeling we can get behind even when it’s 95 degrees outside.

Saucy Brew WorksChurro Sticks
Warm soft pretzel sticks, tossed in brown sugar cinnamon powder, chocolate sauce drizzle.
Sorry, did you say pretzel sticks? We love a churro, but a churro made from soft pretzels takes it to a whole new level. Plus, you can never go wrong with a rich chocolate drizzle. We can’t wait to get our hands on this treat.

Greenhouse Canteen + BarRaw Matcha Cheesecake
Raw cheesecake with layers of strawberry and matcha
Health foodies and matcha aficionados will know what’s up. This eye-catcher is fitting for a Restaurant Week first-timer! We’re excited to welcome Greenhouse Canteen to the lineup, and definitely intrigued by their superfood-stacked menu, which includes the dessert options, too.

Rye River SocialBlueberry-Lemon Bombe
Lemon Sponge/ Blueberry-Chile Compote / White Chocolate-Blueberry Mousse / Limoncello Sorbet
We spy some competition for The Guild House’s Blueberry Lemon Cake! It’s the chile in the compote for us. Or is it the name “Bombe”? It certainly does sounds like an explosion of refreshing flavors and textures. Will we have to enjoy dinner from both restaurants and put these summery treats head to head? Twist our arms.

(614) Restaurant Week is presented by Revolution Mortgage. The dining adventures start Monday, July 26th. Make sure you visit to browse menus, start planning your delicious week, and find other ways to get involved!


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