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Vegans can enjoy three courses of deliciousness at these restaurants

Vegans can enjoy three courses of deliciousness at these restaurants

614now Staff

Don’t worry, plant-based and animal-free eaters, you certainly haven’t been forgotten this Restaurant Week! While there is a handy filter on that allows you to search for menus that cater to specific dietary restrictions, we’re making it even easier for you.

Here’s a roundup of the twelve restaurants offering at least one completely vegan dish in all three courses of their menu. Vegans and vegetarians rejoice—you don’t have to miss out on the dining indulgence of Restaurant Week!

Smoked Tomato Gazpacho + Sweet Corn Ravioli + Vegan Surf n Turf

First course: Onion Rings, French Fries, Sweet Fries, or Onion Rings & French or Sweet Fries
Second course: Sweet Dreams Burger
Third Course: Vegan Carrot Cake

Tofu Chashu Steamed Bun + Vegan Donburi Rice Bowl + Vegan tofu strawberry ginger popsicle

Condado Tacos (6 locations)
Margarita or Cactus Juice + Traditional Guacamole + Two Tacos or BYO Packed Bowl

Brussels Sprouts Salad + Vegetable Ramen + Mango Ripieno

Fukuryu Ramen (2 locations)
Edamame + Vegetarian Junk Ramen + Iced Green Tea

Greenhouse Canteen + Bar
Menu is 100% plant-based

Nida’s Thai on High
Yum Ma Moung (Mango Salad) or Thai Fresh Spring Rolls + Pad Thai + Kati Pearl Melon

First course: Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, or Vegan Tsatsziki
Second course: Cabbage Salad, Tabouli Salad, Three Bean Salad, or Mediterranean Potato Salad
Third course: Falafel Mazah Spread

Slurping Turtle
First course: Cucumber & Avocado Roll
Second course: Small Salad of Hearts of Romaine & Mesclun, Two Vegetable Bao, or Edamame
Third course: Red Curry Ramen or Shiitake Tofu Donburi

Yellow Brick Pizza
Classic Bruschetta + Vegan Chik’n Parmesan or Build Your Own Pizza + Vegan Blackberry Cobbler

The Keep
Mushroom Dumplings + Red Curry + Chocolate Cake

Barrio Tacos
Margarita w/ Flavor + Traditional Guacamole + Two El Vegano Tacos

*Be sure to verify when you order that the dishes you choose are fully vegan, or if they require modification requests to made vegan.


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